zumaneeka – RS

I had Coolsculpitng done in September of 2016 on my lower abs. I also did it a second time in March of 2017. Theresa, at Dr. Meger’s office is absolutely amazing! She explained thoroughly what to expect, what it would feel like etc. I had no negative side effects from this quick procedure. I did experience some slight “numbing” or “frozen feeling” after for a bit, but that was mentioned and discussed. I also did have some slight itching. Again, something Theresa discussed with me prior to the procedure. I am absolutely elated with the results. I eat healthy a majority of the time and do workout with a trainer a few times per week, but I have always struggled with that pooch in my lower abdomen. This definitely helped to flatten that area out. Thank you Theresa for being such an awesome nurse and being so knowledgeable and thorough!!!

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