Melanieb3 – RS

I don’t even know how to begin about the incredible experience I had at Dr. Meger’s office. Like I mentioned previously, I had been to about ten consultations and I just couldn’t get a good feeling about the surgery. I googled plastic surgeons close to my house and ignored any that I had been too previously and I filled out an online form for a consultation at Dr. Meger’s office. The next morning I got a call to set up an appointment. The person that called me was Jovita and right from the start she was the most amazingly helpful, open and truly caring person I think I ever dealt with in my life. She answered all my questions, set my appointment for later in the week and then responded to any emails or calls I made before the appointment. On the day of I my appointment, I arrived at the office and got to go straight back in to a room. They have you fill out the paperwork online and submit it and then you don’t have to do anything when you get there! I met with Theresa, Dr. Meger’s nurse and Jovita and Dr. Meger. They are all truly amazing. They shared their own stories and histories and I couldn’t schedule my surgery fast enough. Four days later, I was back for surgery. Once again when I arrived everyone was so kind and genuinely happy to see me (or at least I felt that way), I went back into to pre op room and my husband came with. I should mention that my husband went with to my pre surgery appointment and when he had questions, Dr. Meger and Theresa answered him, that was not the experience in previous appointments, and they even made him feel comfortable. That was huge for me!! Theresa talked with me while putting in my IV and I didn’t feel a thing, she is the most skilled, honest and kind nurse ever. This was the best decision I ever made and Dr. Meger and his staff are solely responsible for making my experience so positive. Dr. Meger is s straight forward, efficient, and so very kind. You cannot find a better surgeon. It’s just not possible. I am one week post op and had my follow up appointment today and once again was greeted with kindness and friendliness. I would recommend Dr. Meger to anyone and everyone and there just aren’t enough words to express the gratitude that I have for him and his staff.

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