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I have been married to my wife for 38 years (since 1977) and she has been stating to me from our first years together, she would someday be getting a facelift. I said fine and never paid much attention to it since. About 5 years ago we went to Dr. Meger for a consultation and surprisingly he told us that she did not need a face-lift. He indicated that that day may come but for the time being all was good. We left feeling like when the time did come we certainly trusted Dr. Meger as he didn’t seem to be selling procedures. In fact he did the opposite. This past January, we had scheduled another consultation and he in fact said that a face-lift was now a viable option for my wife. We scheduled it and had some scheduling issues that his office happily worked around for our benefit. On the day of the surgery nothing was a surprise because the office staff routinely kept us up to date on all that would happen. I have waited to write this review because we wanted to see how the final results appeared and I am happy to report that we are both very pleased. The recovery time went exactly as indicated. The follow-ups have been routine and helpful. Both my wife and I have the highest confidence in Dr. Meger and his staff. All seemed helpful and attentive to the process. I read with interest the other reviews here and quite frankly was surprised by the 1 star rating. That reviewer states she is confident Dr. Meger is good at what he does but maybe he was having a bad day. We felt that Dr. Meger is communicative and straightforward in his opinion, which in turn helped us make a decision. A nurse/assistant was always in the room when Dr. Meger consulted pre and post surgery and answered all our questions plainly which some may find a bit off. We liked it.
My wife is absolutely tickled pink and while I have always thought her beautiful, she certainly looks 20 years younger. No plastic look whatsoever.

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