Liposuction Phoenix and Scottsdale

If you’ve been struggling to get the slim body of your dreams using diet and exercise but just can’t seem to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat around your body then a fantastic option might be to consider liposuction. Phoenix and Scottsdale men and women have been able to change their lives and their bodies with a minimally invasive liposuction procedure with Dr. Meger.Liposuction Phoenix AZ Dr. Meger

Imagine looking in the mirror and finally seeing the trim waistline, sculpted abs, fit thighs, and toned arms you’ve fantasized about. Make sure you check out our Before-and-After gallery to see some of the incredible results our patients have achieved. Some of the most common areas that Dr. Meger removes fat with liposuction are:

  • Abdomen and Lower Back “Muffin Top”
  • Inner and Outer Thighs
  • Arms, and chin area

Call us today at 602-957-6000 to set up an initial consultation. Dr. Meger will answer any questions you have, talk with you about your goals for your body, and conduct a preliminary examination.

Liposuction: A Tool for Sculpting, Not Weight Loss

Patients who have achieved their desired body weight with diet and exercise but still need a little help with stubborn patches of fat are outstanding candidates for liposuction. Phoenix and Scottsdale patients who are healthy and in overall good shape can use liposuction to sculpt their bodies to their desired shape.

Men usually focus on removing hard-to-lose fat around their midsection or their jawline to get greater definition in those areas. Men can also use liposuction to target gynecomastia (enlarged breasts). Our female patients tend to use liposuction to target difficult fat on their legs or arms.

The Safest and Most Advanced Liposuction

Phoenix and Scottsdale patients who come to Dr. Meger for liposuction will get only the safest and cutting edge liposuction methods available. Dr. Meger uses PAL, also called MicroAire Power Assisted Liposuction, to perform the procedure. It uses rapid, ultra-accurate vibrations to separate fat cells and suction them out of the body. The delicate vibrations are actually safer because of how small and exact they are. They’re so precise that Dr. Meger can target particular locations without damaging surrounding tissue.

Dr. Meger also utilizes the tumescent strategy. With this method, an anesthetic liquid is injected into the treatment location to break up fat cells for smooth fat transfer with an instrument called a cannula, which is basically a small tube. This technique is often used in conjunction with SmartLipo®.

What to Expect with Your Liposuction

Phoenix and Scottsdale patients who get liposuction with Dr. Meger are treated with the utmost respect and care. From your initial consultation to your final postoperative visit, you can expect to get nothing but the best from our entire staff.

During your first visit to Dr. Meger, you’ll get to know him and our entire highly qualified staff. You’ll be able to ask questions, learn about your options, and describe your goals. Dr. Meger uses liposuction in a number of other procedures including tummy tucks, fat harvesting and even in breast augmentation procedures.

Dr. Meger usually performs liposuction procedures in an outpatient surgery facility. The procedure usually takes about two hours to perform and is almost always done under light anesthesia.

Patients should expect their recovery to take up to three weeks and to experience some minor pain, swelling, and bruising that can be managed with prescription pain medication.

After the procedure, patients should arrange to have someone drive them home and care for them for a day. Many patients can return to work after a week but you should avoid strenuous activity and exercise for about two weeks. Most patients make a full recovery within four to six weeks.

Get Your Dream Body

If you’re sick of struggling to lose excess fat solely through diet and exercise, contact Dr. Meger today. We would love to talk with you about how we can help you instantly erase excess fat in your hips and thighs, face and neck, stomach and abdomen, and even on your back.

To schedule a consultation for liposuction, Phoenix and Scottsdale patients can call our office at (602) 957-6000!