Lip Augmentation Phoenix and Scottsdale

What Is Lip Augmentation?

Lip augmentation or lip enhancement is a procedure designed to increase lip size with lip injections or lip implants. The lips can be treated either at the same time or individually. Depending on the method used, the results may be temporary or permanent. Click here to view before and after pictures for the Phoenix and Scottsdale area.

What Are the Methods Used?

Non-Invasive Methods: Lip Injections

Lip Augmentation Phoenix AZ Dr. MegerCollagen Injections

Lip injections containing collagen are often used to increase the size of the lips. The substance, which is derived from the skin of cows, is injected with a very fine needle. The results, which are temporary, last about two to three months. Some people are not good candidates for the procedure because they are allergic to the substance.

Fat Injections

Fat is also used to increase lip size and is taken from such areas as the thighs or hips. The results of this kind of treatment usually last about four or five months.

Popular Injectables

Popular injectable substances include Restylane® (made with hyaluronic acid), Radiance® (which contains a synthetic substance contained in a gel), and Juvederm® (another hyaluronic acid filler). Injections of Radiance can last quite a while, from three to five years. Restylane® and Juvederm® fillers last about a year.

Surgical Enhancements

These procedures used to increase lip size include the use of AlloDerm® (a collagen derived from cadavers) and lip implants.


In the case of AlloDerm® augmentation, an incision is placed inside each corner of the mouth before the collagen is inserted. The incisions, following the procedure, are then sutured shut. AlloDerm® treatments last up to a year and carry a very low risk of infection.

Lip Implants

In the case of lip implants, a small incision is placed on the inside of the lip before the implant is inserted with a needle. Because implants are synthetic, there’s a greater chance for infection.

What Is Involved in the After-Care?

To promote healing, Phoenix and Scottsdale patients should apply ice to the treatment site for at least 48 hours. In addition, they should refrain from talking or chewing during the same amount of time. Smiling is discouraged for about a week following the therapy.

The doctor will also advise Phoenix and Scottsdale patients to avoid any strenuous activity for about three days. Antibiotics are typically prescribed to reduce infection risk.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

You are a good candidate for lip augmentation if you are healthy and are realistic about the results. Give us a call at (602) 957-6000 to schedule your consultation today with Dr. Meger at the Phoenix and Scottsdale Office.