Endoscopic Plastic Surgery Phoenix and Scottsdale

Endoscopic Plastic Surgery

The Advantages of Endoscopic Plastic Surgery 

Dr. Meger makes use of the latest surgical techniques in providing the optimum level of care for his Phoenix and Scottsdale patients. Endoscopic plastic surgery techniques allow the doctor to clearly view images of the internal parts of the body when small incisions are placed.

How an Endoscope Works

The endoscope that is used during such procedures is made up of a probe that is outfitted with a very small camera. This probe is then inserted into a small incision. The image that is captured is then presented on a screen where it is magnified.

Smaller Incision Marks

The endoscope is used as a viewing tool so internal structures can be seen during surgery. While all procedures hold the risk that an incision can leave a scar, endoscopic surgery makes it possible to either hide or reduce the size of the lines left by any incisions.

When Endoscopy Is Used

Dr. Meger uses endoscopy to perform such surgeries as the following:

He and his staff are dedicated to enhancing your appearance, using the latest and most current technologies.

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