Skin Rejuvenation

Botox Phoenix and Scottsdale

What Is Botox® and How Is It Used for Skin Rejuvenation?

Botox®, scientifically referred to as Botulinum Toxin, is an injective medicine, available by prescription, which is used to smooth out frown lines. The treatment, which is temporary, can be administered to adults between the ages of 18 and 65. The Botox® Cosmetic works by restricting the contractions that cause frown lines to appear.

When Can Treatment Results be Seen?

In only a few days, Phoenix and Scottsdale patients see a marked improvement in their face, with the lines slowly diminishing after about a month.

Botox-Phoenix-AZ-Dr-MegerHow Long Do the Treatments Last?

Each Botox® treatment lasts, on average, about four months.

What Is Involved in the Treatment Process?

First, an anesthetic is administered at the injection site to minimize any discomfort. Then, the doctor will inject the area with the Botox® Cosmetic.

How Long Does a Treatment Last?

You can receive a Botox® treatment in as little as ten minutes. Therefore, you can schedule a treatment during your lunch hour in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area, or when you get off work.

When Is Botox® Not Advised?

Some people are not good candidates for Botox®. People with respiratory ailments, such as asthma or emphysema, should not receive the treatment, nor should people who have difficulty swallowing, are susceptible to bleeding, are currently breastfeeding, or have had cosmetic surgery.

What Are the Primary Benefits of Botox®?

Botox® can be administered to both men and women and is a great cosmetic option for younger people who want to prevent the future formation of wrinkles while treating existing wrinkles and lines.

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Cellulite Reduction (Venus Legacy™) Phoenix and Scottsdale


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The Venus Legacy™, featuring LiftFX™ and SculptFX™, is the latest FDA-cleared technology for non-surgical fat and cellulite reduction and skin tightening. The Venus Legacy™ advances the already proven technology of the Venus Freeze™. Dr. Meger is the first plastic surgeon in the state of Arizona to offer this breakthrough technology.


The Venus Legacy™ features one-of-a-kind 4D technology that combines multi-polar radio frequency (RF) and Pulsed Magnetic Fields (PMF) for targeted cellulite reduction on the face, neck and body. The Multi-Polar RF delivers focused heat to various tissue depths to target and disable fat cells while stimulating the growth of new collagen. PMF accelerates the healing and rejuvenation process, which helps to slow down aging. In addition, Real Time Thermal Feedback allows for superior operator control, leading to improved results.


Venus Legacy™ therapy is completely painless. In fact, many Phoenix and Scottsdale patients find the heat generated by the treatment to be quite relaxing.


Venus Legacy™ patients will require between 6 to 8 treatments for the face and neck, and between 8 and 10 treatments for the body.  Treatments are spaced a week apart and last anywhere from 10 minutes for a neck lift to 40 minutes for the body.



No downtime is required, making it easy to schedule Venus Legacy™ appointments during your lunch break or after work in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area.


While Venus Legacy™ treatments are not a substitute for surgery, patients can painlessly achieve impressive results using this technology. Complimentary treatments, such as Botox®, Restylane® or other fillers can further enhance results.


The cost for a series of treatments ranges from $1500 to $2500, which most patients find very reasonable considering the effectiveness of the non-surgical results.

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Chemical Peels Phoenix and Scottsdale

Chemical-Peels-Phoenix-AZ-Dr-MegerWhat Is a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a skin rejuvenation treatment which is designed to peel away the wrinkled layer of skin so it can regenerate. After application of the peel, the skin is softer and more refined, thereby resulting in a more youthful looking appearance. Also known as chemexfoliation, chemical peels provide a non-invasive way to enhance one’s facial appearance. While chemical peels are often used for smoothing the face, they also are recommended for improving the skin on the neck and hands.

What Types of Chemical Peels Are Used?

Chemical peels may take the form of phenol peels (for deep skin conditioning), retinoic peels (which remove irregular pigmentation and lessen the appearance of scars), and trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peels, which are recommended for Phoenix and Scotssdale patients with darker skin tones.

Superficial peels include beta hydroxyl acid (BHA) peels and alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) peels. AHA peels are designed for treating deep wrinkles while BHA peels are primarily used for patients suffering from acne.

Who Can Benefit from a Chemical Peel?

Patients who benefit from chemical peels often suffer from such dermatological conditions as sun damage, irregular pigmentation, scarring, acne, wrinkling, fine lines, dry skin, or liver spots. People with lighter skin tones are better candidates than patients with darker skins as they have fewer problems with blotchiness. Candidates who have severe wrinkling typically will benefit more from a facial filler or a facelift.

Do I Have to Do Anything to Prepare for a Peel?

To reduce the risk for infection, Phoenix and Scottsdale patients who smoke are advised to quit or cut down on the activity. In addition, patients with darker skin may be advised to apply Retin-A or glycolic acid to the area to prevent blotchiness.

How Long Does It Take to Heal from the Treatment?

Typically, it takes about two weeks for the skin to recover from the procedure.

Is Anesthesia Required?

For light chemical peels, anesthesia is not required. However, medium peels, such as TCA peels, may necessitate the use of a pain reliever to minimize discomfort. Local anesthetics are often used for deep peels, such as phenol peels.

How Many Peels Are Required to Obtain the Desired Results?

Chemical peels used to treat fine wrinkles or acne generally requires about four treatments within a span of a couple of months. Medium peels, such as retinoic peels, require about two office visits while deep peels call for only one appointment.

How Long Does a Chemical Peel Last?

Light peels generally last up to a month while medium peels last about a year. Deep peels provide results that last about two years.

What Does After-Care Treatment Involve?

If you elect to have a superficial peel, such as an AHA peel, then you’ll need to apply a moisturizing cream following the procedure and take care to stay out of the sun. Patients receiving medium or deep peels usually need to soak the site and apply ointment regularly. An antiviral medication is generally prescribed to reduce the chance for infection.

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Sculptra Phoenix and Scottsdale

Sculptra-Phoenix-AZ-Dr-MegerWhat Is Sculptra®?

Sculptra®, also referred to as poly-L-lactic-acid (PLLA), is a facial injectable designed to give you a more youthful appearance gradually. The substance replaces the collagen lost due to the aging process. The FDA-approved filler is especially helpful in reducing the appearance of shallow to pronounced nasolabial folds (smile lines).

What Is Involved in the Process?

The filler is generally applied over three sessions during a span of several months. During this time, the collagen in the facial skin is gradually replaced. Patients notice subtle improvements in their facial appearance during the treatment process.

What Is Involved in the After-Care?

Phoenix and Scottsdale Patients who receive the injectable are advised to massage the injection site frequently during the day for five minutes at a time. Continue this practice for a period of five days. Cold packs are often applied to the facial area immediately after treatment as well.

Patients should refrain from any lifting or bending one week after treatment. Also, the head should be elevated when the patient is at rest for a period of a week.

Where Is Sculptra® Applied?

The doctor may administer Sculptra® in one of three areas – the folds between the nose and mouth, known as the smile lines, the lines that frame the mouth (called marionette lines), or to wrinkles on the chin.

Am I the Right Candidate for Sculptra®?

The best candidates are generally healthy and between the ages of 35 and 69 years old. If you want to make a gradual rather than a pronounced change in how you look, then Sculptra® may be right for you.

How Long Do the Results Last?

The results, using Sculptra®, generally last quite a while, about two years.

To schedule a consultation for Sculptra with Dr. Meger in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area, please call us at 602-957-6000.

Juvederm® Phoenix and Scottsdale

What Is Juvederm®?

Juvederm® is an injectable facial filler that is made with hyaluronic acid (HA), a substance that naturally occurs in the skin’s tissues. As HA production diminishes over time, Juvederm® can assist in smoothing and softening the lines and wrinkles that result when HA is in short supply.

How Does the Filler Work?

When the amount of HA in the body is reduced, the supporting structure of the skin also begins to weaken, which, in turn, causes wrinkles and lines to appear. When applied to the skin’s dermal layer, the substance absorbs in the connective tissue and provides more support. As a result, lines and wrinkles begin to disappear.


Where Is the Filler Applied?

Juvederm® is usually applied to the lines that run from the nose to the mouth, including lines that appear around the mouth.

How Much Time Does a Treatment Take?

You can schedule a treatment during your lunch hour, or after you get off work as a treatment takes about 40 minutes.

Is an Anesthetic Required?

To minimize any discomfort, Juvederm® is mixed with a local anesthetic called Lidocaine.

Who Are the Best Candidates for Treatment?

Juvederm® is an FDA-approved facial filler that has been shown to be safe for all types of skin.

How Long Does the Treatment Last?

Phoenix and Scottsdale Patients see results for up to a year.

To schedule a consultation for Juvederm with Dr. Meger in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area, please call us at 602-957-6000.

Laser Skin Resurfacing Phoenix and Scottsdale

Laser-Skin-Resurfacing-Phoenix-AZ-Dr-MegerWhat Is Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing or CO2 laser resurfacing is a technologically advanced way to rejuvenate your appearance. Dr. Meger uses Erbium Beam and Fraxel lasers to correct scars and blemishes and reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. The lasers used by Dr. Meger in the Phoenix and Scottsdales area, offer precision resurfacing, even in delicate or sensitive areas.

Also known as a laser peel, the treatment uses a pulsating laser beam to remove the epidermis while heating the skin underneath. In turn, the process encourages the growth of new collagen, thereby making the skin smoother and more toned.

What Facial or Skin Conditions Can Be Treated with Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing can effectively treat such dermatological conditions as the following:

  • Fine lines or wrinkles in the areas around the mouth, forehead, or eyes
  • Sun-damaged skin, including liver spots
  • Warts or birthmarks
  • Enlarged pores, especially on the nose
  • Acne scars

What Is Involved in the Process?

To prepare for laser resurfacing, several skin treatments may be scheduled before the therapy. Generally, the first treatment will take place about a month and a half ahead of the laser peel. On the day of your appointment, the doctor may administer a local anesthetic. A sedative may be given as well. Eye protection is usually provided, and the face is cleaned prior to the therapy.

How Are Individual Lasers Used?

A Fraxel CO2 laser, which is used for a variety of skin conditions, is designed to deliver an ultra-pulsed and uniform light, thereby removing the skin’s superficial layer with less risk of tissue damage. If a Phoenix and Scottsdale patient exhibits deeper wrinkling or lines, then an Erbium beam laser is generally used. The laser can also be used for the hands, chest, or neck.

How Long Does the Process Take?

Generally, laser resurfacing takes about 30 minutes to two hours, depending on the size of the area being treated.

What Is Involved in the After-Care?

After the therapy is completed, a dressing is applied to protect the treatment site. To encourage healing, the doctor will typically prescribe or recommend a topical treatment or facial cream.

To schedule a consultation for Laser Skin Resurfacing with Dr. Meger in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area, please call us at 602-957-6000.

Laser Hair Removal Phoenix and Scottsdale

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal removes any unwanted hair from different areas of the body. In Dr. Meger’s office, we use Harmony XL laser for this purpose. Only follicles that are actively growing can be treated with the light. Therefore, Phoenix and Scottsdale patients need to schedule several sessions to reap maximum benefits from the therapy.

Is Laser Hair Removal Uncomfortable?

Minimal discomfort is experienced, and no anesthesia is needed.

What Are the Benefits of the Therapy?

Using a laser to remove hair can replace such uncomfortable hair removal methods as electrolysis, bleaching, shaving, or waxing.


Is Any Downtime Involved?

No downtime is involved. Patients can resume their normal activities after a treatment session.

How Long Does a Treatment Session Last?

Treatment times depend on the size of the treatment area. Removing hair from the back or legs takes 60 to 90 minutes. If the upper lip is being treated, then the hair removal process takes only about 10 minutes. Removing hair from the underarms takes about twice that long.

How Many Treatment Sessions Are Required?

Generally, six to eight treatments are required to produce the desired results.

What After-Care Treatment Should Patients Follow?

Patients should use sunblock on treated areas.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Although laser hair removal can be used for various skin tones and hair colors, the beam from the laser is generally drawn to the melanin, or darker pigment, in a follicle. As a result, people with darker hair colors generally see better results. If your natural hair color is blonde, gray, or red, you typically won’t realize the same outcome.

If you are interested in a Laser Hair Removal with Dr. Meger in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area, please call us at 602-957-6000.

Juvederm® Voluma™ XC Phoenix and Scottsdale

Juvederm®-Voluma™-XC-Phoenix-AZ-Dr-MegerDermal fillers are popular, there are options to fight early indicators of aging and revitalize your appearance. Many fillers are comparable, however Juvederm® Voluma™ XC supplies distinct results, specifically when injected by a knowledgeable, skilled skin specialist. It is our option when our Phoenix and Scottsdale clients desire their lips to look plumper in a natural way.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of facial filler treatments, request consultation online or call (602) 957-6000. When you set up an assessment for cosmetic treatments, you will also receive a customized “Complete Skin Rejuvenation” plan to assist you accomplish your perfect look.

About Juvederm® Voluma™ XC

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural compound in your body that supplies volume to skin and keeps it smooth and supple. Fillers make use of HA in gel options that are injected to replace the volume lost because of aging, sun damage, or illness. Some facial fillers, such as Restylane®, are fairly just like Juvederm® Voluma™ XC as a reliable, low-risk wrinkle treatment.

What sets it apart, nevertheless, is the smoother structure of the injected gel and the trademarked cross-linking of the molecules. Like other HA-based options, it postures almost no danger of infection or allergic reaction since HA is a naturally taking place acid.

Numerous clients integrate this treatment with injections of BOTOX® Cosmetic or Dysport® for a more total rejuvenation package.

Voluma Benefits

What does it treat?

A few of our Phoenix and Scottsdale clients see results from these injections after only a single treatment; others could need additional injections. The results generally last from 6 to Twelve Month. Right here are some of the conditions it treats:

Smile lines: Likewise called nasolabial folds, these folds run from the lowest part of the nose to the corners of the mouth.
Marionette lines: The vertical wrinkles below the mouth’s corners running down to the chin are called marionette lines.
Vertical lip lines: Cigarette smokers are especially susceptible to these lines that appear above and around the mouth. Most of us establish these lines as we age just due to the fact that our lips move so often and are exposed to the sun. These lines frequently reply to a single treatment.

It is an outstanding method to plump wrinkles from underneath the skin for a lasting, natural-looking enhancement without surgical treatment.

If you wish to find out more about any of the dermal fillers we provide, give us a call now.

How is it administered?

Our Registered Nurse, Nancy will inject Juvederm® Voluma™ XC into deep layers of tissue on either side of the face. It is performed here on an outpatient basis, and no anesthesia is required at all. The procedure normally takes around 15 to 30 minutes to complete, and can even be done on a lunch hour.

How long will results last?

The results of injections can be expected to last for up to two years.

Who is a good candidate?

Those who are between the ages of 21 and 65 and in overall good health can easily undergo injections. Patients who are taking blood-thinning medications should consult with a physician beforehand. Pregnant and nursing mothers should forego this procedure since the effects of it on an infant are not known at this time.

To schedule a consultation for Juvederm Voluma XC with Dr. Meger in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area, please call us at 602-957-6000.

Perlane® Phoenix and Scottsdale

Perlane®-Phoenix-AZ-Dr-Meger-300x283What Is Perlane®?

Perlane® is a gel-like substance that is made of hyaluronic acid. The filler is used to add volume and fullness to the facial area. Injected beneath the skin, the dermal substance corrects wrinkles, scarring, and depressions. The gel is thicker in composition. Therefore, it provides more structure and supplies more lift and volume than other hyaluronic fillers, such as Restylane®.

Where Is the Filler Administered?

Perlane® can be applied anywhere to the facial area but is typically used to treat deeper wrinkles. The substance is frequently used to diminish the look of smile lines (nasolabial folds), lines at the corner of the mouth (marionette lines), or hollow grooves just beneath the eyes (called tear trough deformities). The substance is also used to correct prejowl depressions and nasojugal grooves (or hollows in the cheeks).

Are Treatments Uncomfortable?

No, treatments are not uncomfortable. A numbing medicine is already combined with the filler.

Are the Results Instant?

Treatment results can be seen as soon as the injectable is used.

How Long Does a Treatment Session Last?

Depending on the work that needs to be done, treatments can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. A follow-up appointment is generally scheduled about two weeks after the therapy.

What About After Care?

Ice packs should be applied to the injection site for a day following the treatment. Phoenix and Scottsdale patients are also instructed to keep their head elevated while at rest and to avoid strenuous activities for about a week.

How Long Do the Results Last?

Phoenix and Scottsdale patients had results last about a year.

Am I the Right Candidate for Perlane®?

If you are in good health and have deeper wrinkles or lines, then Perlane® may be the right treatment option for you.

To schedule a consultation for Perlane with Dr. Meger in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area, please call us at 602-957-6000.

Restylane® Phoenix and Scottsdale

Restylane®-Phoenix-AZ-Dr-MegerWhat Is Restylane®?

Restylane® is a skin rejuvenation method using hyaluronic acid (HA) as a filler to smooth out and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, primarily around the eyes and mouth. HA, itself, is a natural product that is found within the skin’s tissues. Because the production of HA diminishes with time, Restylane® can provide an older person with a more fresh-faced appearance.

How Is the Filler Applied?

Restylane® is injected into the middle layer of the skin, called the dermis, where collagen activity takes place.

How Long Is a Treatment Session?

A treatment lasts about 30 minutes. Therefore, you can easily schedule an appointment during your lunch hour or after work in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area.

How Long Does a Treatment Last?

The temporary cosmetic treatment lasts approximately six months.

What Measure Should Be Taken for After-Treatment Care?

Patients are recommended not to rub or touch their face. They also should stay out of the sun and avoid any extremes in temperature.

To schedule a consultation for Restylane with Dr. Meger in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area, please call us at 602-957-6000.