Driving Times and Travel Distances from Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is the center of the Greater Phoenix area. With the city covering more than 500 square miles, it can be a challenge for people to understand how far they may need to drive from surrounding communities into the City of Phoenix The following chart represents the range from Phoenix, Arizona to this city, and the time it requires to drive there.

Driving Time Charts for Phoenix

If you go to one of the interactive maps online, you can get an estimate of driving times. Clearly, you have to pick one point in each place in order to map it. Generally, you would pick the Town hall, Chamber of Commerce, airport or some other official central location. You might be beginning or ending at some other point, so please keep that in mind. Similarly, as far as the times from one point to another are concerned, people drive in a different way, during various times of the day and week, and road conditions and constraints happen. Speed limits differ from 55 miles per hour to 75 miles per hour on freeways here.

The times are just estimates. You’ll discover that the online mapping services that you use to develop these numbers commonly suggest that you’ll get there in about ‘a mile per minute’. Sometimes, you do not typically discover that to be real. If you are driving a combination of city streets and highways, you would normally leave at least an hour for each 50 miles, and maybe longer if it is a major occasion where you expect some traffic or parking issues.