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What Type of Breast Implant Is Right for You?

istock_000044614852_xxxlarge-for-webOnce you’ve decided that you’re ready to start seriously thinking about getting breast augmentation, the next obvious question is which implant is right for me? Of course, without actually performing an examination and talking with you in person, it is difficult for Dr. Meger to give this kind of recommendation. However, what we want to do here in this blog post is give you some tools to use and questions to think about so you can make the best possible decision for your breast implants.

Scottsdale women usually spend a great deal of time thinking about this question, researching and talking with friends or family members. You should also look at pictures to get an idea of what results other women have received. Take a look at our gallery of Before-and-After pictures here to see Dr. Meger’s work for yourself.

The next step in the process is for you to give Dr. Meger a call at (602) 957-6000 and set up a preliminary consultation here at our stylish and comfortable offices. When you call, you’ll get to talk with one of our compassionate, helpful staff. We always love hearing from potential new patients, and we’re happy to talk with you about any of your concerns.

From there, we’ll set up a preliminary consultation with Dr. Meger. During this meeting, you’ll get to talk with Dr. Meger and discuss what your goals are, get specific answers to your questions, and he may also perform an examination. All of this is a crucial part of the process as you start to get more personalized information that you can use to make a determination on which type of breast implant is right for you.

Choosing Your Breast Implants

Scottsdale women have a lot of factors to consider as they begin thinking about their breast implants. One of the best parts of the decision, though, is that you get to choose whatever it is you desire and Dr. Meger will be there the entire time to help you. Here are a few things to consider as you start to think about which type of breast implant you want.

  • Saline breast implants – Saline implants have a small advantage over other types of implants. Because saline implants are inserted into the breast pocket deflated, they require a slightly smaller incision. After they’re inserted, Dr. Meger inflates them with the proper amount of saline. However, saline implants tend to ripple on the sides, which can be seen through the skin.
  • Silicone breast implants – This is a newer type of breast implant that is made from a silicone gel housed inside a silicone shell. This gel is similar to a thick paste, and while they tend to ripple less than saline, they require a slightly larger incision.
  • Gummy bear breast implants – For Scottsdale women, gummy bear breast implants can be a superior choice to saline breast implants. Over the years, the breast implant manufacturers have made continuous improvements to silicone implants. While all silicone implants today are considered cohesive gel or gummy bear, the newest gummy bear implants are made from a thicker kind of silicone (similar to gummy bears) that gives the breasts a much more natural feel. Gummy bear implants are usually more expensive than the other types of breast implants.

Scottsdale women who are ready to get youthful, beautiful and natural-looking breast implants should call Dr. Meger today at (602) 957-6000. He is one of the premier plastic surgeons in the entire region because of his compassionate care, precision, and the wonderful results his patients get. Call today!

Replacement of Breast Implants Every 10 Years – Fact or Fiction?

depositphotos_19072361_original-resizeThere is a long-running myth that breast implants must be replaced every 10 years. The reason for this is that some people believe that their breast augmentation will eventually need to be redone to maintain the correct shape and plumpness of this breasts. It’s a normal concern for patients because of how costly the surgery is in the first place. A lot of plastic surgeries are believed to need touch-ups in years to come to maintain a youthful looking appearance. This can ultimately cost patients more money in the long-run, which can be a hassle. Because of this assumption, many women are reluctant to get implants because they feel that they won’t be able to keep up with the costs, financially and physically, of replacement surgeries. So is the theory fact or fiction?

Why Breast Implants Can Last For A Long Time

In a word: fiction. There is no set time that you need to get breast augmentation surgery again after getting your implants. Some patients believe that you will have to get your breasts adjusted every ten years or even every five years. While there are no absolute guarantees when it comes to how long your implants will last,  if you choose the right surgeon, you can increase the lifespan of your breast implants so that you don’t need to keep getting surgeries. For instance, if you choose experienced Phoenix plastic surgeon, Dr. Meger, you can ensure the longevity of your breast implants for many years. Because he has done countless breast augmentations, you can be confident that your implants will not rupture or sag for a long time. It’s important to consider where you’re getting your plastic surgery done to make sure that the procedure goes smoothly and that you’re getting your money’s worth. Dr. Meger prioritizes quality and comfort with his Phoenix patients. If you choose a plastic surgeon that is less experienced and qualified it’s likely that you may need replacement surgeries later on in life.

Does This Mean I Will Never Have to Get Replacements?

If you are in Phoenix and considering breast augmentation, you won’t have to panic about scheduling surgeries every few years. However, you should, for the safety and longevity of your implants, schedule regular appointments to check up on your implants and make sure everything is as it should be. Although replacements are not set every ten years, because they are implants, they will still have to be redone eventually. They can last for up to 10-20 years, depending on the implants themselves. If you notice sagging or something wrong with your implants after a couple of years, you should check in with your plastic surgeon. With Dr. Meger, he will gladly set you up with frequent appointments so that you can always make sure everything is perfectly fine with your new, curvy attributes! After all, we just want our Phoenix patients to have healthy, beautiful looking curves.

To ask us more questions about breast augmentation, please give us a call at 602-957-6000. We can’t wait to hear from you.

What’s the Difference Between Smooth and Textured Breast Implants?

istock_000009518082_large-compressorPhoenix is known for consistently warm weather so it’s not uncommon to be in a bikini year round. Perhaps you’re thinking about getting breast implants and improving the way your body looks. However, you want to make sure that you get the right kind of implants that will be best for you and what you want aesthetically. Before scheduling your surgery, you need to figure out what kind of implants there are and what will be best for you. Plastic surgeon Dr. Meger can help provide you with the right information you need to make this decision.

Typically, there are two main options to consider when getting breast implants: smooth and textured. It’s important to know the difference between both methods before you decide to schedule the procedure.

Smooth Breast Implants

All breast implants have an outer silicone shell. Inside the shell is either silicone gel or saline, so that the breasts have a soft consistency similar to real breasts. Phoenix patients often wonder what is the main difference between smooth and textured implants. For your implants to be classified as “smooth,” the outer silicone shell will look shiny and glossy. The implants’ outer shell will also feel more slippery in texture. Smooth implants are also less likely to ripple or break. These types of implants typically have an advantage because they provide a more natural physical shape.

Textured Breast Implants

Textured implants differ in how they feel and look physically in comparison. They are different from smooth implants because they will feel more fine and coarse. However, they will not feel rough, just less slippery than the smooth implants. Textured breast implants also create more friction between the implant and its surroundings. These types of implants also attach to the tissue capsule, so they are a little more firm in place and position, unlike smooth implants. Also, if you want to have a shaped breast implant, textured would be the choice for you.

Which One Do I Choose?

There are various benefits for textured and smooth implants. Choosing one over the other depends on a number of factors. When it comes to your breast augmentation, you need to decide based on the shape, feel, and texture of your desired breasts. They both have advantages for different reasons based on feel and shape. For example, for more of a firm placement and shaped breast, textured would be a better choice. If you want a more polished, slippery feel to your breasts; then smooth implants will be better for you. Ultimately, if you need help deciding, call Phoenix plastic surgeon Dr. Meger to schedule your consultation. He will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the difference in your plastic surgery choices. Undergoing breast surgery is a big decision, and we want to make sure that you feel confident and comfortable about your decision.

Call our Phoenix office at 602-957-6000 or fill out the form online to schedule a consultation or speak with Dr. Meger today.

What’s the Difference Between a Round and Tear-Drop Shaped Breast Implant?

Beauty in lingerie. Beautiful young woman in lingerie posing against white background

When considering breast implants, most women don’t realize that there are different shape options from which you can choose. Choosing a shape for your breast can be a difficult decision because there are so many factors to consider. If you’ve already decided on getting implants, you have a lot to think about. You want to make sure that the shape you choose is the right one for you. Round implants can be flattering on some women’s bodies while tear dropped shaped implants can work better on other body types. It can be difficult deciding, but knowing the differƒaug




ence between the two main shapes can help you pick.

Round Implants

When you’re thinking of getting a breast augmentation to alter your breasts, round implants are a very common choice. A lot of Phoenix patients choose round because they add volume to your entire breasts. This design is the traditional implant route for most women in the United States. If you choose round implants, your breasts will be well-proportioned and plump. The implants also have a soft, smooth shell so that the feeling of the breasts will also remain soft. The outcome of round implants gives breasts full cleavage and a noticeable lift. When you choose round implants, you can also adjust the projection of your breasts to your liking. If you want an overall fuller bust, you may want to consider round breast implants.

Shaped Implants

Shaped, or tear-drop, implants are also another way to go when getting breast augmentation. The shape is similar to a tear-drop with less volume on top and a fuller bottom half of the breast. The upper part of the implants are less filled out to create the tear-drop shape. These types of implants typically have a better projection than round implants. Although round implants are chosen more due to the fullness they provide, shaped implants typically look a bit more natural. Because they are not so evenly rounded and plump, these can look more natural and less modified. Phoenix patients who are looking for a way to enhance their breasts, while maintaining a more anatomically natural appearance, may choose shaped implants.

Other Factors to Consider

Choosing the shape of your implants is a big decision for Phoenix patients. While you may mostly be considering your desired look, there are also other aspects that can play an important role in your choice. Everyone has a different body type. It’s imperative to look at your particular body type and decide what kind of breast implants will look the best for you. If you are interested in a more natural approach, you may consider shaped implants. However, if you would like a more noticeable, fuller change in your bust; round implants would work better. Also, you should consider placement of the implants and incision sites. Both types of implants are placed differently and have different incisions, so it’s important to know all the information before making a decision.

Moving Forward

If you’re thinking about getting breast implants in Phoenix, don’t hesitate to make the next move. Don’t wait any longer for those perkier, fuller breasts! Qualified plastic surgeon Dr. Meger is very knowledgeable and experienced in breast augmentation. If you are not sure about what type of implants would work best for your figure and body type, Dr. Meger can help.

Call us at our Phoenix practice at 602-957-6000 if you’re considering implants and get a consultation. We can help guide you by answering all of your questions and giving you the information you need before you make any decisions.

The Psychological Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Close up on big female silicone boobs

When warm weather approaches, it’s only natural to be thinking about your summer body. Everybody wants to look good and feel good. Having your clothes hug your body’s beautiful curves is one of the ways that you can allow yourself to feel amazing and look even better. If there’s a part of your body that maybe makes you feel uncomfortable, like the curves of your breasts, you may want to consider breast augmentation. Although looks may be a driving force for wanting the procedure, there are psychological and mental benefits for getting the surgery also.

Higher Self-Esteem

We do things such as wear makeup, buy trendy clothes, and do our hair to look our best. Why do we do this? Because looking good makes you feel more confident and comfortable with yourself. Due to society’s standards, sometimes we envision a different kind of body type than we currently have, such as larger or more shapely breasts. Thanks to Phoenix plastic surgeon Dr. Meger, you can now make that vision a reality. If you choose breast augmentation, the procedure can vastly improve your self-esteem. Once you get the procedure, your self-esteem will be boosted, and you will have a better overall feeling about your appearance.

Positive Body Image

With breasts, it’s common to have many issues with the way your body looks based on their shape, size, and position. This may make you feel very uncomfortable and upset about your appearance. Especially when there are models, campaigns, and ads in the media showing off body types that are seemingly perfect; you may feel inadequate and fixate on the things you may not like about your appearance. At Dr. Meger’s practice in Phoenix, we believe everyone should feel good about how they look. If you’re considering breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Meger can help work with you to see what desired outcome would help best with making you look and feel amazing.

Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Lastly, but not least, getting a breast augmentation surgery can help you feel comfortable with yourself, which is our primary goal here at our practice in Phoenix. If you’re going to live your life as confidently and passionately as you can, it’s important to feel great in your own skin. Although it’s not the only answer, sometimes aesthetic procedures can help to give you that extra boost you need. If you’re feeling held back by something concerning your physical appearance, don’t let it affect you any longer. Consider breast augmentation and free yourself of the negative feelings you have about your appearance.

Take the next step

Dr. Meger and his staff at Phoenix go above and beyond when it comes to plastic surgery. His main goal is making sure that you feel comfortable and safe in your decision to get plastic surgery. We want to make sure that you have all the knowledge you need to make the right choice for you. If you think that breast augmentation is the right choice for you, schedule a consultation today, and Dr. Meger will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Call us at 602-957-6000 and our staff will help guide you and answer any other questions you may have about the procedure.

Standard Profile Breast Implant Vs High/Low Profile

depositphotos_50675981_original-for-web-compressorSo you’re interested in getting breast implants in Phoenix, but you’re not quite sure which way to go. You’ve been looking at the various types of breast augmentation, and that certainly can make anyone confused. The best way to get a better insight into this important and life changing decision is to know what types of implants there are and the advantages and disadvantages of each. If you are pretty sure that standard profile breast implants are more what you’re looking for, you might consider them a better option instead of a high profile. Or, quite possibly, you want low profile implants because you prefer that look, and it suits your individual needs better. Either way, you should thoughtfully and carefully analyze each type first before you schedule your surgery.

What Are Standard Profile Breast Implants?

These are also referred to typically as “moderate” implants. Standard breast implants are the most natural looking form of breast augmentation. When you choose standard implants in Phoenix, your breasts will project from the chest a bit but will not protrude too much. While a high profile will create a more obvious effect, standard implants are a bit more subtle. These implants will still have a projection and will fill out the volume for most patients’ breasts.

What are High/Low Profile Implants?

Low profile implants are the widest implants patients can get. This type of breast augmentation is the least noticeable. They have the least amount of forward projection and are a good fit for Phoenix patients with wider chests. The reason for this is when getting implants; you want them to appear natural and compliment your individual body type. If you decide to make the choice and go with low profile implants, they may fit better with your body size and be the best option for you. In contrast, high profile implants are significantly different, and the choice should be the absolute perfect fit for you. After all, this is your body, and it is a decision you will want to be completely sure about. High profile implants have a smaller base and are not as wide. The high implant is also taller and has the most forward projection. This is the most noticeable type of implant you can get, due to its volume in size.

Neither is better or worse than the other as far as look, feel, and procedure. The choice of whether to get standard, high, or low implants is completely up to you. After all, it’s your body! You have to choose which is the desired look you are going for. However, if you need help discussing which type of implant is best for your body type, feel free to give Dr. Meger a call at 602-957-6000. He can set you up a consultation that will allow you to get any questions you have answered. Go ahead and call, we’re waiting to hear from you. Phoenix is known for being hot, now’s the time you added something to that!

How Can a Breast Augmentation Repair Uneven Breasts?

depositphotos_20813125_original-resizeIf your breasts are uneven, this can cause a lot of unhappiness and often embarrassment. You could have back problems, feel insecure about the way you look and feel a bit uneasy in your everyday life. Having uneven breasts can cause damage to you mentally and physically. Over time, the situation will just become worse if you don’t take measures to correct it.

Although appearance isn’t everything, it’s important to feel good about yourself and be confident. You may think that this problem has no solution, but there are actually a couple of options you have. If you have uneven breasts, there is a simple surgery in Scottsdale you can get to solve the issue. We believe that feeling and looking good is an important part of your mental health. So if there’s an area of your body that may make you feel less than amazing, such as uneven breasts, we can ease your anxiety and help build your self-esteem. Get the problem fixed and save yourself a great deal of unhappiness by getting breast augmentation surgery. Haven’t you waited long enough to feel comfortable in your own skin? There are many women who deal with this issue; you are not alone.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a service that we offer at Scottsdale that changes the appearance of your breasts. This is done by placing implants behind the breast to increase the volume of your breasts. This is a surgical treatment that will alter the size and shape of your breasts to the way you want it. When you have the desired outcome of how you want your chest to look breast augmentation is a great choice. Dr. Meger, our trained plastic surgeon, has done numerous breast augmentations throughout the years resulting in happy Scottsdale patients. His knowledge and experience can help guide you and make you feel comfortable about your decision, especially if you want to enhance your breast size.

How Can Breast Augmentation Help?

Breast augmentation is a great way to fix the problem of having uneven breasts. When you receive the surgery, the volume of your breast increases. Also, breast augmentation will improve your breasts by creating a more shapely, defined appearance. So if you have an unevenness in your breasts–whether it’s due to size, shape, or form–Dr. Meger can help. When you get breast augmentation, we work with you to make sure that your breasts look natural, plump, and even in size. Because of the nature of the surgery, it’s perfect for fixing uneven breasts. Augmentation is used to change the shape and size of your busts, so if there’s one breast that might need enlarging or reshaping; this is a great solution for you. Of course, we also modify both to give you your desired look.

Take the Next Step

If you are considering this procedure, we would love to help you out in the process. We can provide you with a consultation and help go through the procedure with you. Breast augmentation doesn’t have to be a confusing or frightening process, we promise!

Call us at our offices in Scottsdale at 602-957-6000 and Dr. Meger will gladly assist you with any questions you have about breast implants and augmentation.

Different Types of Breast Augmentation Incisions

istock_000012269390_large-compressorSo you’ve decided to get breast augmentation surgery, and there are a lot of thoughts as well as many questions you probably have. One of the main concerns Scottsdale patients have about breast augmentation include the incision process. You have possibly asked yourself: Will I have a scar? Where exactly will the incision be? How painful will it be? What is the healing process like?

These are all very valid questions that have simple answers. At our Scottsdale facility, Dr. Meger, and his highly professional staff are more than happy to provide you with all the knowledge you may need before deciding on breast augmentation. After all, it’s of utmost importance that you’re completely confident and comfortable with your surgery and your plastic surgeon. You wouldn’t rent a car without doing as much research and fact finding as you could, would you? We know that you value your health above everything, and we want you to know that we do as well.

Firstly, it’s important to identify the types of incisions you can get with breast augmentation. There are a couple of different methods you can choose from. Deciding what kind of incision you prefer can have a great impact on your breast augmentation. It’s advisable to know these incisions and what the advantages and disadvantages there are to each type. Generally, there are three incision types that our Scottsdale plastic surgeons use:

  •    Periareolar incision: This type is made around the nipple, which is used to minimize the incision’s visibility.
  •    Inframammary incision: This method is when the incision is made below the breasts. Although this type may leave a scar, it is typically hidden where the bra strap lies.
  •    Transaxillary incision: This type is placed near the armpit region, which has a high chance of resulting in no scars.

All of the different incision types have various benefits and possible downfalls. If you are looking for less visibility in a scar, you may choose periareolar incision. However, the particular drawbacks of this procedure are that you may end up losing nipple sensation. If you still want the sensation of feeling in your nipples, you may choose an inframammary incision. These types of incisions also allow for your plastic surgeon to work closely with your breasts which will typically result in more accurate breast augmentation. If you are looking for no scars whatsoever, transaxillary incisions are the best choice. However, there is a greater risk for asymmetry for your breasts.

How Do I Decide Which Incision Is Best For Me?

It can be quite confusing to decide on and weigh the options about which method is going to be ideal for you. Every individual is different and has different ideas about what type of scars they can tolerate. That’s why Dr. Meger and his staff are here to help. If you are thinking about breast augmentation in the Scottsdale area, the team at MD PC Aesthetic Plastic Surgery can help put your mind at ease. With one phone call, we can answer any questions and concerns you may have about incisions, scarring, procedures and more.

Call us today at 602-957-6000–we would love to hear from you.

Can a Breast Augmentation Lift Sagging Breasts?

istock_34143548_large-compressor-1If your breasts have started to droop or sag, you may have been considering a breast augmentation surgery. As we age, our body starts to age with us, and it’s only normal that some areas are not as perky as they used to be. Breast augmentation is a very common surgery, and most people choose this option when they have an issue with their breasts. Whether it concerns the size or shape of your breasts; augmenting your body can have very positive effects.

What Does Breast Augmentation Do?

Having this kind of surgery is a way to increase the shape and alter the size of your breasts. At our practice, women who undergo breast augmentation receive an implant behind their breast that will help amplify volume and enhance shape. A lot of Phoenix patients choose this surgery because they want to restore the curves to their body after weight loss, aging, or after having a child.

Will It Help Lift My Breasts?

The procedure is meant to change the aesthetic of your breasts, as that is typically the main reason people choose breast augmentation. Dr. Meger in Phoenix has done countless breast augmentations that have helped changed the shape and size of many women’s breasts. Ultimately, the surgery requires putting implants into your breasts. Because of the nature of the procedure, the process will allow for your breasts to protrude more and be lifted. It will result in a subtle but noticeable change in your breasts, causing them to be less saggy than before. If you’re considering a way to enhance your breasts in Phoenix, we absolutely recommend a breast augmentation.

What Other Options Do I Have?

However, if you really want to fix the problem of sagging, you might consider also getting a breast lift in addition to your augmentation. If you want a fuller bust, getting a breast lift will help to restore your chest to the look you desire. Breast augmentation will help to get your breast size and shape the way that you want. Combined with a breast lift, the surgery will result in plump breasts that are more youthful and uplifted. If you get implants or augmentation at our Phoenix facility, the procedures will help to make your breasts less saggy. However, to get a complete fuller bust, it’s worth considering a breast lift as well to get your breasts looking more curvy and perky.

Taking the Next Step

We want to make sure that you get exactly what you’re looking for when undergoing breast augmentation. If you are trying to lift your breasts, we want to ensure that you choose the right surgery and the right plastic surgeon. Our trained surgeon Dr. Meger has worked with multiple patients in Phoenix and has given them their desired look. If you are considering this surgery, you might have some more questions or want to schedule a consultation. We would love to hear from you!

Call us at our offices at 602-957-6000 and we will happily answer any of your questions about breast implants and augmentation.

Can I Have a Breast Augmentation if I’m Planning on Having Kids?

istock_38022160_xxlarge-compressorSo you want to have fuller, more perky breasts. You also want to have children at some point in the future. You’re wondering if there is a way you can do both or if having breast augmentation surgery will affect you later on with pregnancy. It’s a normal concern to have. If you have surgery on your breasts, you might wonder if there are complications with breastfeeding when you have kids. You also might wonder how the pregnancy would affect your breast augmentation surgery. You may worry if it’s safe for the baby for you to have the implants right before getting pregnant. Many women believe that this is the case. However, the truth is it’s perfectly safe to have breast implants if you are planning on having kids.

How Will Pregnancy Affect My Implants?

You can have breast implants before or after pregnancy, and it will not affect you or the baby. Your health and your baby’s health will not be altered in any way by the procedure. Breasts may change during pregnancy, and that’s completely natural. However, the overall longevity of the implants should still be in place even after you have a child. If you are pregnant, your breasts will fluctuate slightly because your body will be changing. These can be permanent changes that stretch and change the shape of your breast augmentation. However, your implants should not be drastically affected.

Do Breast Implants Affect Breastfeeding?

If you get breast implants and have a baby, you should still be able to breastfeed. Although there is a possibility you may not be able after getting implants, the majority of Scottsdale patients with breast augmentation can. This mostly depends on the types of incisions and implant placements. If you choose an experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Meger in Scottsdale, you are more likely to have a successful surgery that won’t result in being unable to breastfeed. It’s important to choose a surgeon that has done the surgery multiple times and is very knowledgeable in this area. If you are planning on having kids in the near or distant future, during your consultation in Scottsdale, you should let Dr. Meger know that. That way, he can let you know all of the risks associated with it and help guide you into making the right decision about your breast augmentations.

Take the Next Step

Getting breast augmentation surgery is not a decision that should be rushed. Although you may have been dreaming of that curvy, full bust; it takes careful consideration and research before deciding on the right kind of surgery and the best plastic surgeon. Scottsdale plastic surgeon Dr. Meger has worked with several patients over the years helping with breast augmentations, breast lifts, and other cosmetic surgeries. He and his staff will do everything possible to ensure that you have a safe, successful surgery. While it’s a common concern to wonder if having kids is something to consider when getting implants, we can help put your mind at ease. If you still have questions about it, we can clear some things up for you.

Call Dr. Meger at 602-957-6000 to voice any concerns or questions. Our staff is highly trained, and we would love to hear from you! Call today and we will gladly help set you up with a consultation right here in Scottsdale.