Who Can Benefit From Body Contouring

When your body has beautiful curves and your clothes fit nicely, you have more confidence and a generally happier disposition. When we look great, we feel great! While not everyone is a great candidate for body contouring procedures, there are many people out there who can enjoy the benefits of them. Here we’ll look at just a few people who can take advantage of these fantastic procedures.

Smiling female in red bikini and straw hatWoman who have had a baby

Having a baby changes the body dramatically. It can leave you with loose skin in places that you once had smooth and tight skin. And while you loved the experience of pregnancy and the magic of bringing a new person into your life, the effect it has on your body may leave you feeling a bit depressed. This is not uncommon, and many women seek out body contouring procedures after they have given birth. There are many options that can be used in different trouble spots across the body, so no matter where the loose skin is, give Dr. Meger a call for a consultation and see what we can do for you.

Individuals who have lost a dramatic amount of weight

So the first thing we need to say is congratulation on your weight loss achievements! We know that it has taken A LOT of work to get where you are. However, we also know that when you lose a lot of weight, often you don’t lose that excess skin. While you feel great and have more confidence than ever before, you shouldn’t have to have that extra skin reminding you of your achievement. With a body contouring procedure, you’ll have a fantastic figure that is smooth and free of loose skin to remind you of how hard you worked to get here.

Your body has suffered from a past injury

If you have been through an event in your life that caused an injury that disrupted the skin on your body, there are contouring procedures that can help improve the look of those areas. When you find yourself dwelling on the areas of your body where the injury occurred, and it causes you to wear specific clothes to cover up and be more self-conscience, there is something you can do about it. Even people that are confident and sure of their bodies will still have some trouble spots they feel insecure about.

Dr. Meger and the friendly staff at our office go beyond the body contouring procedure. We want to ensure that you receive the compassion and knowledge needed to make the right decisions for your body. At your free consultation you’ll receive the information you need and can ask any questions and express any concerns. Your confidentiality and trust is important to us. Give us a call today at 602-957-6000 to schedule your free consultation and let us help guide you in the right direction for you body contouring procedure.

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