Should You Get Botox While Pregnant?

Throughout the term of a pregnancy, it is in the best interest of the mother and child to choose the very best options to guarantee the security of the unborn child. The mother will have to start limiting caffeine intake, removing foods or beverages that could hurt the baby, in addition to getting the proper amounts of rest and exercise.

There are similar concerns about cosmetic treatments that might have an impact on your child. Hair dye and other over the counter items are normally off limits during the length of a pregnancy, as these can introduce chemicals to your unborn child. If you are wondering as to whether or not BOTOX® injections will have any undesirable effects on the health of the unborn child, we have preparedwomanimages8 some helpful tips below.

Is BOTOX® Safe?

Experts recommend to avoid BOTOX®  injections until after a child has been born. Avoiding these injections will help ensure that your unborn baby is healthy and safe throughout the length of the maternity.  Although doctors that have utilizedBOTOX® on pregnant clients have reported no negative, unfavorable effects, the FDA still warns against it throughout the pregnancy.

A recent statement given from the FDA advises that BOTOX®  can only be used when the advantages to the patient far exceed any potential for danger to the unborn fetus. There has not been enough studies as to the effects of any injections on a mother and child during the length of a pregnancy. Therefore, there is not enough data for the FDA to consider BOTOX® safe for use by pregnant women.

Post-Partum BOTOX® Treatment

Once the baby no longer relies on his or her mother for life support, it is now safe to start or resume your treatments. Resuming treatment is fine unless you have other wellness problems or complications that occurred during the length of the pregnancy or while giving birth. It is best to consult your doctor before starting or resuming any treatment. Moms who are breast feeding should also ask their doctors first. There is very little known fact as to the results of BOTOX® treatments on children who are being nursed.

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