Different Types of Breast Augmentation Incisions

istock_000012269390_large-compressorSo you’ve decided to get breast augmentation surgery, and there are a lot of thoughts as well as many questions you probably have. One of the main concerns Scottsdale patients have about breast augmentation include the incision process. You have possibly asked yourself: Will I have a scar? Where exactly will the incision be? How painful will it be? What is the healing process like?

These are all very valid questions that have simple answers. At our Scottsdale facility, Dr. Meger, and his highly professional staff are more than happy to provide you with all the knowledge you may need before deciding on breast augmentation. After all, it’s of utmost importance that you’re completely confident and comfortable with your surgery and your plastic surgeon. You wouldn’t rent a car without doing as much research and fact finding as you could, would you? We know that you value your health above everything, and we want you to know that we do as well.

Firstly, it’s important to identify the types of incisions you can get with breast augmentation. There are a couple of different methods you can choose from. Deciding what kind of incision you prefer can have a great impact on your breast augmentation. It’s advisable to know these incisions and what the advantages and disadvantages there are to each type. Generally, there are three incision types that our Scottsdale plastic surgeons use:

  •    Periareolar incision: This type is made around the nipple, which is used to minimize the incision’s visibility.
  •    Inframammary incision: This method is when the incision is made below the breasts. Although this type may leave a scar, it is typically hidden where the bra strap lies.
  •    Transaxillary incision: This type is placed near the armpit region, which has a high chance of resulting in no scars.

All of the different incision types have various benefits and possible downfalls. If you are looking for less visibility in a scar, you may choose periareolar incision. However, the particular drawbacks of this procedure are that you may end up losing nipple sensation. If you still want the sensation of feeling in your nipples, you may choose an inframammary incision. These types of incisions also allow for your plastic surgeon to work closely with your breasts which will typically result in more accurate breast augmentation. If you are looking for no scars whatsoever, transaxillary incisions are the best choice. However, there is a greater risk for asymmetry for your breasts.

How Do I Decide Which Incision Is Best For Me?

It can be quite confusing to decide on and weigh the options about which method is going to be ideal for you. Every individual is different and has different ideas about what type of scars they can tolerate. That’s why Dr. Meger and his staff are here to help. If you are thinking about breast augmentation in the Scottsdale area, the team at MD PC Aesthetic Plastic Surgery can help put your mind at ease. With one phone call, we can answer any questions and concerns you may have about incisions, scarring, procedures and more.

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