Breast Enhancement, Breast-Feeding, and Mammogram

woman6We have actually satisfied lots of women that have come into our Phoenix, AZ office concerned about their capability to breast-feed once they have had breast enhancement surgical treatment. We would like all our patients to understand that breast enhancement is totally safe and will not impair breast-feeding for a lot of women.

While particular forms of breast enhancement surgery can enhance the risk of low milk supply, they can be avoided by notifying Dr. Meger of your desire to breast-feed your children.

Breast Reduction Surgical treatment – During this procedure breast tissue is eliminated, which can hinder your breast-feeding capability.

Laceration Placement – While breast-feeding can be achieved after breast enhancement surgical treatment, there is a somewhat greater danger of low milk supply by undergoing breast enhancement with the areolar incision. Dr. Meger is proud to offer his patients the method for breast enhancement, concealing marks by putting them in natural creases on the body.

Implant Positioning – When going through breast enhancement, the breast implant can be placed wither above or below the chest muscles. Dr. Meger has actually discovered that there is minimal risk of complications when the breast implant is put below the pectoral muscles.

If you are considering breast enhancement surgery and are still looking forward to breast-feeding your kids, please schedule an initial assessment with Dr. Meger.

Numerous of our breast enhancement clients are worried that they will certainly not have the ability to have mammograms performed properly after their breast enhancement surgical treatment. Thankfully, this is false; our breast enhancement patients are all able to remain to monitor their breast health through mammograms.

The secret for breast enhancement patients is to have a mammogram performed a couple of weeks prior to the breast enhancement surgery then once more about 6 months after the treatment. By doing this, there is a benchmark for future mammograms.

In addition to this, it is important that breast enhancement clients notify their mammogram specialist that they have breast implants. When the mammogram technician has this info, they can take the additional images required to have a clear view of all the breast tissue.

Likewise, breast enhancement patients must go to a mammography specialist that has actually been trained particularly for carrying out mammograms on women with breast augmentation.

We want to make certain that all out breast enhancement patients find that every aspect of their life is enhanced after their breast enhancement procedure. Give us a call at (602) 957-6000 to schedule a preliminary assessment with Dr. Meger today. Read more about breast enhancement surgery here: Breast Enhancement.»