Are You Ready to Get Rid of Unwanted Cellulite?

Cellulite is something that plagues so many men and women, and the amount that you diet and exercise don’t always play a role in getting rid of it. While the proper health routine can reduce the appearance of it, cellulite is often still visible in multiple trouble spots. This summer is a great time to take advantage of some amazing technologies, and get rid of those unwanted lumps and dimples so you are always bathing suit ready.  Here’s how to get started today. Woman with beautiful body on a tropical beach

The technology

If you live in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area, then you may wonder what can remove something as stubborn as cellulite. Well, Dr. Meger uses the latest FDA approved technology called Venus Legacy™. This works to tighten the skin, and reduce the fat and cellulite on our face, neck, and trouble spots on our body. This technology offers impressive results that you will be pleased with.

The treatments

This is a non-surgical procedure, so you won’t have to worry about scheduling any down time after it is performed. In fact, you can make this painless appointment during your lunch break, and go right back to what were doing without skipping a beat. Some patients even find that they are relaxed after their appointment because of the warming sensation of the treatment.

In order to get the best results, you will need to have multiple visits. These will depend on the areas that you want to be treated. For larger areas on the body, you can expect between 8 and 10 treatments about a week apart, lasting anywhere from ten to forty minutes. For the neck and face, your visits will be reduced to around 6 to 8.

Compliment your treatment

Because reducing the appearance of cellulite using Venus Legacy™ is not going to replace getting it done with surgery, you have a few options that can compliment the procedure. Certain fillers such as Botox® can help you optimize your results. However, may people are happy with the results as they stand, and prefer to treat themselves to laser hair removal or facial surgery to complete their makeover. Ask Dr. Meger what your best options are for making the most of your cellulite reduction treatments.

Enjoying the look of your skin

One you have been through all of your treatments and are ready to show off your skin, you’ll feel great! You will confidently wear your bathing suit and shorts without having to fear that there are dimples and dips in your skin that make it look unbecoming. This confidence will allow you to spend time enjoying the people around you and the activities you are part of, instead of acting self-conscience in cover-ups.

Call for a consultation

If you live in the Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona areas, then call today for a complimentary consultation (602) 857-6000. Dr. Meger and his skilled staff will be able to answer any further questions you may have, and get you started on your journey to smooth and youthful looking skin. Read more about cellulite reduction here:  Cellulite Reduction »

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