Abdominal Wall Surgeries Or The Tummy Tuck Procedure

woman images 11An abdominal wall surgery is meant to help restore or improve the area of the stomach and waist. Usually it is performed when a patient is unhappy with a flabby or stretched out tummy. The procedure can range from a simple mini tummy tuck to a more intense tummy tuck.

What is a Tummy Tuck?

In most cases, you can expect a surgery window of 2-6 hours. The hospital stay, post-surgery, could range from as little as one day and up to three days depending on various circumstances.

Once you receive your local anesthesia, the surgeon makes a simple incision along the abdomen to open the area up. The incision is made just above the pubic region. The surgeon will then begin by removing the fatty tissue and loose skin from the desired area usually around the mid to lower sections of the stomach. This will give your abdomen a flatter, sculpted look. If you opt for an extended operation, the surgeon can remove all the excess fat and skin around the waist, which we usually referred to as the love handles. At this point, the doctor may also decide to tighten up and reshape the muscles.

A mini tuck is performed to remove stubborn pockets of fat only like the love handles or the final five pounds that exercise and diet sometimes can’t get rid of.

The last step of the surgery consists of placing sutures to close the wound. Once it is competed, the abdomen is wrapped and you are ready for recovery.

Why This Procedure is Beneficial to You

According to our patients, this surgery becomes an immediate boost in their self-confidence. The loose hanging skin and flabby feeling improves and you can do the activities you love without a self-conscious feeling about it. Clothes naturally begin to fit better, and since the weight is gone and you feel lighter, patients often report a new found vitality and regain that bounce in their step.

This surgery is very beneficial for those who have had rapid or extreme weight loss and after pregnancy.

Others who will benefit from the surgery could be those have tried diet and exercise but have not received the results they desire. Women who have had more than one pregnancy, and people who have suffered from extreme cases of obesity who are unable to regain their original muscle tone are good candidates as well. Click here to learn more about this procedure:  Tummy Tuck Phoenix »


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